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Key Points to Grow and Improve Digital World Strategy

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The evolution of digital technology is remarkable, and new technologies and methods are being introduced one after another in the marketing field. In order to perform more effective marketing, companies are actively promoting digital marketing strategy. Falling behind in this movement can lead companies to a significant loss of competitiveness.


In this article, we will introduce how to grow and improve the strategy of the digital world, as well as trends and future perspectives.


What is digital marketing strategy?


Traditionally, digital marketing has been limited to the use of websites and email. Today, however, it is common practice to combine mobile devices such as smartphones and social media with digital advertising using rapidly advancing ad technology. A digital marketing strategy is based on customer relations by implementing promotion measures in the use of these new devices and technologies, the vast amount of data accumulated by their use, and the growing number of customer contact points.


To properly develop a digital marketing strategy, you need to consider and analyze the following points.

  • Who are the target users of your products / services?
  • What kind of contact does the user follow to reach the purchase? (Understand the user’s actions in their customer journey)
  • What technological tools do you use to deliver effective messages?


First thing first – What you need to take into account to improve any strategy in the digital world


Deeply understand your customers and deliver a message that is easily received

By utilizing information obtained from all customer contact points such as Web traffic, social media, mobile, and e-mail, we can grasp and understand customer preferences and behaviors, and send messages through the optimal contact points and timing to guide customers to complete a purchase. A deeper understanding of your customers will help you to strengthen your connections with them.


Optimize customer promotions

After doing any promotion/campaign for your website, you should always measure the results and evaluate it. Likewise, you can improve your strategy based on the knowledge and lessons you learned through the previous promotion. Moreover, it will be possible to carry out new promotions that deliver even better results.

Get the most out of big data and make better decisions

Use appropriate tools to analyze, evaluate, and use customer data to understand your market value and traffic demand through results of promotion, most visited page, traffic location and more in order to make the best marketing decisions.


Always be aware of what is going on in your market

Digital marketing strategies also need to keep an eye on the latest trends. For example, recently, the following strategies have been attracting attention in the digital marketing field.


  • Growth of video marketing

The influence of video in marketing is growing rapidly. Numerous marketing campaigns have already been carried out using Instagram and have been highly rated. Marketing using video platforms is expected to become even more active in the future.


  • Utilization of AI

AI has further improved its capabilities with the introduction of deep learning. The introduction of AI-based customer support tools on websites, such as personalized customer service based on the characteristics of visiting customers, is also progressing.


  • B2B marketing

Traditionally, the target of digital marketing has been mainly B2C marketing. However, in B2B companies, cases of actively incorporating digital marketing and achieving excellent results are beginning to stand out.


Digital marketing strategies needed to visualize and improve ROI

As mentioned above, digital marketing allows you to quickly and accurately evaluate the results of executing marketing measures, and it is easier to visualize ROI than with conventional marketing strategies. It will be possible to review the measures, improve the ROI, and maximize it.

BusinessConfig has supported the planning and execution of digital marketing strategies by introducing the Odoo platform. Recently, we have also been supporting the renewal of marketing automation tools and the use of tools both inside and outside the business config. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems introducing digital marketing strategies in your company.

Jaimal Singh

Jaimal Singh

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