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Fulfillment | Increase sells channels and optimize logistics through automation

by | Aug 8, 2022 | businesshipping, digital economy

Integration’s Pioneers

We were challenged to create a solution that orders placed through various marketplaces (Showroomprivé, Amazon) were channeled through an ERP and then communicated to DHL Parcel, which holds the products in its warehouses and proceed with the logistics in Valladolid, Spain.

The fulfillment area is expanding and constantly developing, so it is essential to create solutions that streamline processes, reduce the chances of errors and facilitate the connection between the various sales channels.

There was no tool directly integrated with the aforementioned logistics company, as they recently changed their integration system, this project was preceded by an initial process audit, which led us to the final technical solution implemented and tested in coordination with all the parties involved (customer and logistics company).

In this way, in addition to their own online store (e-commerce), the customer has centralized all orders from various marketplaces, as well as all the logistics integrated with DHL Parcel so that their customers receive their orders in up to 1 business day and with the location of the shipment accessible at all times.


Uncomplicated logistics for you and your customers.

Imagine that you have several campaigns running, and you receive dozens or hundreds of orders from the various sales channels without having the appropriate solutions to manage this volume of orders.
It would not only affect delivery times as well as customer satisfaction, and therefore, we must avoid these situations to ensure your goals are met.

Currently, logistics has innovated and optimized processes in order to ensure less entropy between companies and customers. Automation is a constant investment with the aim of raising the bar, improving services and driving companies to reach more and new markets.


What’s the best solution?

After defining the scope and analyzing the specifics of the business, it was suggested to use an ERP to channel information from various websites (marketplaces and online store) to unify and receive orders quickly by the logistics company.

An ERP was implemented (in this case it was Odoo, but any other solution on the market could have been used like SAGE, Primavera, etc) to receive orders and then an integration system was developed that sends all the necessary information to DHL Parcel to be able to ship the products after they have been processed in terms of picking* and packing**.



Order’s file generated to DHL Parcel


In addition to tracking orders, the ERP allows stock control (for not selling what is out of stock or to avoid overselling), and to have real-time information on the products that here sold or which are the sales amount.

With this solution, the customer enables his business to scale quickly and make available his product through new sales channels in the most efficient way possible, allowing to accelerate sales, and therefore, his billing volume.

If this type of solution makes sense for your company, we are ready to take your business to the next level. Let’s talk?


*In logistics, picking is the preparation of orders, consists of the various stages such as planning, route and travel, collection or extraction of goods, verification and preparation for dispatch.

**In logistics, packing refers to the packaging of orders, whether packaging, packaging, checking weight, quantity or volumetric weight and labeling.



Rita Palma

Rita Palma

chief transformation officer