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Robotization, how to increase my company’s productivity through data collection.

by | Jun 16, 2021 | digital economy

If you have a team that is still spending a lot of time on repetitive tasks and searching for information in many different places, then automated data collection (and robotization) can be a great ally to increase productivity and decrease the risk of errors.


Frequently the data is not structured and available in the most common sources such as databases, APIs, web services, etc., however it does exist and is public on web pages. It is in this scenario that data collection can be very useful, as it is nothing more than a task automatically performed by a computer that simulates a person browsing a website normally, by copying the information of interest and pasting it somewhere else.


Nowadays robotization and data collection is already widely used in several industries, for example:

  1. Online price comparison: imagine being able to get a report on the average price of your product on the market, but also the changes it has been undergoing and which competitors offer the best prices
  2. Market research: we can use data collection to understand how the public views our brand and similar brands
  3. Governmental data collection
  4. Trending content and hashtags analysis


Often data collection and analysis is done manually, which takes more time and has a higher chance of error because it is a repetitive task, however, there are solutions for every dynamic of each company.

With digital transformation, more and more companies are using robotization, artificial intelligence and innovation to collect important data. This enables them to sell more and better, while increasing their productivity. How cool is that?

If you are looking to automate tasks and analysis, or improve your team’s performance by getting rid of repetitive and boring tasks, contact us! Our team of experts can help you with the digital transformation of your company.

Amelia Pessoa

Amelia Pessoa

software engineer & data analyst