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It’s possible to have an online pharmacy connected to the Sifarma management tool!

by | Jul 4, 2021 | digital economy

With the pandemic came the certainty that having an online presence is important to complement your store, and the change is here to stay. For everything to work optimally, the stock management of the physical store must be synchronized with the online store so that it does not become a huge logistical challenge. Especially for pharmacies, at the time we are living, wouldn’t it be easier if their online pharmacy store was synchronized with the Sifarma management tool? Not only does it generate more sales with virtually the same resources, it also creates a connection, just a click away, that helps build trust with your consumers.

That was the case for Totalmente Saudável, an online store that boosted the number of sales of their physical store, Santos Monteiro pharmacy in Vendas Novas. This way you not only keep your sales in person, but you can sell nationwide through your online store.

In a project of this size it is essential to make an inventory of the needs so that the online store meets the customer’s expectations.

How the project started

This project was divided into 7 stages:

  1. Backend needs assessment – technologies, integrations and digital solutions
  2. Evaluation of frontend requirements – branding, color hierarchies, font sizes and graphic elements
  3. Wireframes and user flows
  4. Ecommerce development through WordPress + WooCommerce
  5. Integration of Sifarma (from Glint) into WooCommerce
  6. Usability testing and refining of user flows
  7. Beta version and delivery

After the initial briefing and some reflection on the main requirements, we designed a sitemap to determine the number of pages to be developed and the user flows that the user can make, from making a purchase to a request for a consultation in the login area. This way, it is possible to quantify the technical tasks at the user and store manager level so that sales run smoothly and without deadlocks.

The store was built using the WordPress platform with WooCommerce, making it easier to manage orders with its simple and intuitive backoffice. About 40% of existing websites are developed on this platform. This allows us to have the necessary tools to deliver a high quality and specific product to every customer.

It is possible to pay through the usual payment methods, such as credit card, debit card, Paypal and also Apple Pay and Google Pay. The consumer will also be able to control his orders and data through the login/registration system, therefore maintaining the purchase history.

At the end of the development stage, our team got together to test all possible tasks that could be performed on the website to make sure that upon delivery of the product everything is ready for use and according to best practices.

With business•config the client does not have to worry about technical issues, thus focusing on the content needed, in order to have a final product capable of satisfying consumer needs. Do not hesitate to contact us to take your store to the online world, so necessary and profitable nowadays.

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