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Helping a travel agency improve its online presence and productivity with WooCommerce and Odoo CRM

by | Apr 26, 2021 | digital economy, user experience

Customized CRM Odoo

This project first came to us with a need from the client to update their website. The platform where it was hosted was old and needed to be reformed, as well as the plugins that were being used. This was endangering the website to security flaws as well as being a target for a hacking attack. The solution? A brand new web with WooCommerce and Odoo CRM.


Customized CRM Odoo

Customized CRM Odoo

How the project started

Destinos Asiáticos is a website that specializes in trips to Asia and Oceania, offering more than 27 different destinations for its clients. The team began by conducting an extensive study of the entire website architecture and reorganizing the existing information. It was necessary to gather all the needs, and decide what to keep and what should be discarded as well as what could be improved.


The most important topics that were raised for this project:

  • Redesign the website with special attention to responsive design and usability improvements
  • Separate the contact management (CRM) from the rest of the website
  • Migrate to an updated, more secure and user-friendly platform


The project was divided into 9 stages:

  1. Backend needs assessment – technologies, integrations and digital solutions
  2. Frontend needs assessment – branding, color hierarchies, font sizes
  3. Wireframes and user flows
  4. Migration of the old website contents to WordPress (travel, CRM, blog posts, reviews, etc…)
  5. Modification of the taxonomy of URLs to improve SEO
  6. E-Commerce development using WordPress + WooCommerce
  7. Integration of the Odoo CRM with the existing customer’s website
  8. Usability testing, including functionality and integrations.
  9. Beta version and final delivery


With all the research done by our team we prepared a preliminary usability report.This gives the client an insight into what could be changed to improve the user experience on the website and also helps to get a general idea of the next steps.

This report is very useful for the following stage of the project where we build the new website wireframes and respective user flows based on the points raised.

The new platform was developed on WordPress, WooCommerce, Odoo CRM (open source), all fully customized to meet the needs of our client and its users.

The migration of the entire website was ensured, which included blog content, trips, user data and other website content. In total there were more than 400 trips, links and URLs.

The website has become lighter and easier to navigate, improving its performance while ensuring that the website is secure and easier for the client to manage.

If you have an older website and believe you need a 180-degree turn around, but without starting from scratch, we are available to find the right solution for your business.


Liliana Silva

Liliana Silva

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