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How we improved productivity in a legal company using Odoo ERP with Certified Billing (Gofact)

by | Feb 9, 2021 | digital economy, user experience

In this article you can discover how we gave this law firm a great and useful tool (ERP Odoo) for everyday use!


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) refers to the integration of several business areas of a company, such as production, warehousing, sales, purchasing and finance, using a software suite. The various ERP providers have designed their systems around standard business processes, often based on best practices.


In this legal company, they’re a small group (4/6 lawyers) and they felt it was time to replace their outdated and old-fashioned way of working with a tailor-made ERP with all the functions in one platform.


So after the briefing and some discussion about the essential needs, we decided to present a one-tool solution that could help the client do all his work in an easier way. This legal company needed some help in organizing all the information structure and unifying all their tools (cases, contacts, billing, expenses, and other miscellaneous) in just one platform.


We choose the ERP Odoo, an open-source platform that we design exclusively with native apps, plugins, and some custom code for specific actions that were essential for better and easy work for our client.



After some months of hard-working, we divided the project into 6 steps:

  1. Needs assessment
  2. UX Research and user flows
  3. Prototype
  4. Development of Odoo ERP and certified billing system
  5. User testing and refine user flows
  6. Beta version and delivery 


“The above points are really important for any enterprise. Our solutions give you access to tools without having to give up the comfort level of your company in regards to this type of solutions.You don’t have to worry about any program installation on your computer. We will support you in every step.”


We provided a solution that allows the client to:


  • Have all company confidential information/materials in a encrypted personal cloud
  • Organize their cases, including additional documentation such as pdfs and docs that are associated
  • Create a login sign up and onboarding that helps our client’s user navigate and use the platform
  • Create an easy payment system that optimizes the payment process
  • Create a documentation upload system that helps our client load his files to the legal process
  • Know when important documentation is expiring, through an automation system
  • Certificated billing according to the Portuguese billing system
  • Upload expenses from the legal team to the system and connect them to each case
  • Create a different user from legal advocates to clients with different permissions
  • Use the chat app to communicate and send documents with the legal team



Now, instead of using three or four different tools (like Google Drive, Outlook, Magnifinance, etc…), it is possible to do everything in one platform. Time saving and convenience is the keyword for this project.

Are you looking to optimize your work tools, save time and money, and focus on your business core? We can help you!


Veronica Melo

Veronica Melo

ux|ui designer & illustrator